Why Have Hoteliers Been Allowed to Commandeer Control of our Civic Landscape?

We all understand why George Washington (resume: beat British) was unanimously elected to lead our nation’s affairs, so too Dwight Eisenhower (resume: beat Hitler).  And we understand if San Diegans want local people who have done amazing things for our community to be running our affairs, as political or civic leaders – current era people such as Burnham, Nuffer, Klein, Atkins, Jacobs, Rady, Prebys, Geisel, Price, Hom, Sanford, Lucier, Venter, Williams, Monroe, Witty, Morgan, Father Joe, Panetta, Malcolm, Katz, Blair, Ramirez, Fetter, Mitrovich, Ellsworth, Copeland, Murphy, Francis, O’Connor, Walton, Sadler, Crick, Royston, Mudd, Frye, Geppert, as well as the builders of yesteryear like Kroc, Revelle, Salk, Copley, Scripps, Sefton, Spreckles, Sessions, Marston, Horton, et al.

But why in the world would we want San Diego’s present-day hoteliers to be running our affairs? What have they done that has so benefited our community or humanity? What have they created that is new and cutting edge that has put San Diego on the map…like building a Qualcomm, Illumina, Life Technologies, Price Club, WD-40, Salk Institute, J. Craig Venter Institute, Sanford-Burnham-Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, a St. Vincent de Paul, et al? What new industries and products have they created?  What have they accomplished that prompts San Diegans to look up to them as great leaders or visionaries worthy of our trust?

As far as we can determine, San Diego’s hoteliers are simply in the business of renting rooms overnight, the world’s second oldest profession. However, with the Hotelier Cabal, their way of doing business looks far more like the world’s oldest profession itself.

Suffice it to say, our community does NOT want these hoteliers wielding influence and power over our civic landscape. The reason it happened is simple, yet infuriating – the Cabal came knocking at City Hall’s door in November 2005 with gifts in hand, and certain well-placed politicians invited them in and have been lapping up their political donations ever since. (Note that in 2005, San Diego was in the midst of both a political and financial crisis, Mayor Murphy had just resigned, and the moniker “Enron by the Sea” was taking on a life of its own. The Cabal seized upon this golden opportunity born of our civic crisis.)